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The Goodstuff   13 januari 2012

The GoodStuff is een initiatief van een groepje jonge mensen die graag duurzamer - zowel groen als eerlijk - wil consumeren, maar vaak niet weet waar de juiste producten te vinden. The GoodStuff is een online platform, waar consumenten gemakkelijk vragen kunnen stellen, informatie en tips kunnen uitwisselen en elkaar inspireren. Door consumenten, voor consumenten; persoonlijk en onafhankelijk. Zo wordt duurzaam consumeren een stuk makkelijker en leuker! Dus sluit je aan en stel je vragen op The Goodstuff en zie het antwoord verschijnen...


Why is it so hard to find out which products to buy to promote sustainability and fair trade? How can we stimulate sustainable consumer behaviour? A consumer movement inspires and informs consumers from an independent and personal perspective and makes sustainable products easily accessible. The consumer movement actively links and contributes to existing initiatives, and gets consumers actively involved.

Vision: A consumer movement for sustainable and fair consumption
We believe there are many people who would like to buy fair products, but feel hindered by lack of information and the idea that fair and sustainable products are expensive, difficult, not fun etc. An easy way of exchanging information on where to find the right products, whilst inspiring each other to act, is the first necessity.

What we would love to see: A movement has emerged in which consumers inspire and inform each other on these issues, in an independent and personal way. It actively links and contributes to existing initiatives, and gets consumers actively involved. – from a personal and independent perspective - take action to inform, inspire and create a buzz. Concrete exchange of information is ongoing - through a forum / Q&A (for instance when I post a question about where to find fair jeans, I get an answer within a day!) and potentially blogging and video’s. Other organisations of companies see us as a relevant, independent target group and source of information.

  • We are not: An organisation sending out messages, finger pointing etc; not ‘another initiative’.

  • We are: Consumers for Consumers, independent, informal/ ‘underground’ and building on personal networks (of consumers) to inspire and inform consumers and making ‘Good Stuff’ more easily accessible and fun, actively linking and adding value to other initiatives.


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